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Commissioned Pet Portraits

Peter has been commissioned to draw many pet portraits; some examples are shown below.

People love their pets and know them so well that the artist has to produce an exact likeness to satisfy the owner. But Peter is not happy to produce a mere likeness and likes to meet and photograph the pet first so as to understand and therefore reveal its character.

Sometimes this is not possible; the pet may not be here, or it may be owned by a relative or friend and be meant as a surprise present. In some cases the pet is no longer with us and the owner wants a drawing as a memory. In those cases Peter will work from a client’s photo.

Drawings are 11” x 9” in pencil on 100lb Bristol paper. For this size the standard fee is $295.00. plus Sales Tax (where applicable)and plus packing and delivery where required. Framing is available for an extra charge.

The drawing of “Murphy” shown below was a special commission of the owner’s present and two previous  dogs, drawn as a 19” x 19” which would be priced as $550.00.

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